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Coach Jordan (Owner & Head Coach)

After years of being the fat unathletic kid. I was tired of it. I wanted to make a change so I read about diet plans and exercise programs, but was lost, and confused. I tried and tried, but no change. One day a coach told me to "stop drinking soda, and eating junk food. Walk one block, then jog the next." So thats what I did! Guess what, it worked. The simple plan worked! As I learned and grew I doubled down on this strategy. Do the simple things FIRST. Then worry about the more complex things. This lead to a complete shift in my midset. 

For 5 years I coached CrossFit, and was a personal trainer in Fargo ND. I have worked with many amazing clients including children, parents, grandparents, buisness owners, highschool, college and professional athletes. I work with them to develp fitness and wellness programs that meet their individual needs even as their goals change. 

I work together with thousands of fitness professionals to provide simple solutions to complex issues. Helping to get you out of pain and prevent injury. Woking with a network of coaches, physical therapists and doctors allows me to say in full confidence. Either I can help you, or I know someone who can. 

I believe that fitness should be simple. That does not mean that it will always be easy. I believe that EVERYONE should understand their bodies, and how to keep them healthy. You dont need a fancy diet. You don't need a ton of equipment. You need a plan to meet YOUR goals, and you need someone who knows how to help YOU achieve them.

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